Types Of Concrete Levelers


There are a variety of concrete leveling. Certain of these services can be done yourself, however, others require the assistance of a professional. A professional leveler will charge more than a contractor with a budget and it is recommended to hire an experienced one for this job. The cost of concrete leveling is contingent on a variety of variables such as the size of the void or gap as well as the difficulty of accessing the area, and the condition of the concrete surrounding it. There are reputable companies that offer concrete leveling services for residential and commercial properties.

A typical residential repair can take only an hour. However, a larger commercial project could take several days. In many cases, a driveway or walkway can be used right away following the leveling process, however larger commercial jobs may require a longer wait. A professional will inspect the area and take necessary measurements to recommend an appropriate treatment plan. Generally, you can use the concrete leveling materials immediately after the repair is complete however, it is advised to wait at least a day.

While traditional Greene Concrete Leveling involves drilling several holes in the concrete slab, PolyLock(tm) Polyurethane leveling only requires a small amount of these. PolyLock leveling uses lightweight, polyurethane foam injection to fix the surface and fill in the holes. Traditional concrete leveling services often remove the entire concrete slab prior to leveling it. This is a costly and laborious process, therefore it is best to consider PolyLock Leveling using Polyurethane.

Concrete slabs that are ugly are not well-levelled. A slab that isn’t level will eventually crack and settle and cause other issues. With the right treatment the damage will be virtually invisible. This is a more cost-effective alternative to a complete replacement. This is a viable option for commercial or residential properties and does not require demolition or excavation. The repair can be done by an expert or a homeowner.

Self-leveling compound can be used to level concrete surfaces for a low cost. It is a base mix that can be purchased in 50 lb. The cost is $35 for 50 lb bags. Once mixed, it develops a thick cement formula similar to epoxy. The mixture is then spread on top of the concrete to create a level surface. The material is quickly cured and dry to a tough surface. This type of surface could crack over time due settling.

Uneven surfaces can indicate a sinking slab. They can be ugly and dangerous. A concrete leveling contractor can provide a more permanent solution. With an expert concrete leveling professional you can be certain that your foundation for your home will be level and safe for your family. It’s a wise investment and the cost of a concrete leveling business’s work will be minimal when compared to the cost of repairs that are costly.


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