Types of Door Manufacturers


Solid Hardwood doors

Our most expensive and most durable doors, solid wood doors feature a combination of rails (horizontal pieces), stiles (vertical pieces), and panels that fit within them. Often, these are made from a single wood species, such as maple or mahogany.

Hollow Core Doors

Hollow core doors manufacturer may have a honeycomb-like core inside. This helps to provide some rigidity and minimize sound-blocking properties. Others may have a veneered surface on top of an engineered wood frame.

They can be painted to match your home. Some can be stained and brushed to create a unique appearance.

Panel doors are made in a variety of styles, including flush and shaker. Traditional styles have separate rails and stiles. Modern styles are flush with a smooth finish.

You can also find flush doors in shaker or double styles. These doors look smooth and are made from one large piece, making them perfect for minimalist and modern designs.

Wood plywood is a popular option for many people. It is less expensive than solid wood. It is usually available in a variety species and can have various coatings to enhance its grain.

It is important to determine which type of plywood your need, as this can impact the price. Some plywood is made with a higher quality wood species than other plywood.

The most commonly used types of wood plywood include maple, oak, birch, maple and walnut. Other exotic and reclaimed woods are also available for less expensive options.

Wood plywood can also be made from a mixture of wood and fibreboard. These plywoods are not as strong and durable as natural wood but can be painted to achieve a similar visual appearance.

Laminated doors are a lighter option for wood doors that have a natural look. These doors feature a wood grain, or a veneer of a particular wood species, on top an engineered core. The doors can be painted to imitate the look of real timber.

These doors are less expensive than a wooden door, but they aren’t nearly as beautiful or long-lasting. They’re also not as dimensionally stable.

Prehung Interior Doors

A prehung door is a great option if you have limited space or need a custom-sized door. These doors come pre-hung and include a door slab. They are easier to install, and they can be installed sooner than a door that has to be cut.

They can be hung by an electrified mortise or panic lock, or magnetic locks. These doors can also come with a core to run the lock power through the hinges.

We have the perfect interior doors for your project. We can help you choose the right door for you project with our large selection of styles and knowledgeable salespeople.

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