Unexpected benefits of going to the foot bath


Today I want to reveal to you a little secret that changed my life.

That secret, my friends, is foot baths. But wait wait wait. Let me give you the details of how this foot bath can change your life.

The foot spa is basically my office.

What I do is make an appointment for a random Tuesday (sometimes I use a fake name because it’s fun – LOL), I block 60-90 minutes for my calendar then go, relax and WORK.

Sidenote: if you are in Aspen, do yourself a favor and check out A1 Foot Spa. There is nothing better than skiing on the slopes, then downhill and a perfect foot massage. Trust me. Everyone goes to this place, so make sure you get a reservation in advance.

What you can do at the foot spa:

Return texts to family and friends

♡ Reply to comments on Instagram

♡ reply to work email

Prepare an Insagram post or story

♡ Make a to-do list

Guys, you know I’m a big fan of collecting things like texts and emails, so this is the perfect way to sit undisturbed and do SO MUCH.

Here’s the key: you need to go to a tiny foot spa with holes in the wall. One that looks a bit sketchy, but isn’t. No one will talk to you, you can turn on the phone, report so much shit, WHILE you enjoy a relaxing fast, deep peeling of the feet and legs, massage, pedicure – anything.

It gives me a block of time in which I can do tons of little things I just can’t get to since Zaza was born.

It’s called passive multitasking. Maybe I made this up, maybe I didn’t, but I do it all the time. Passively performing multiple tasks consists of doing one thing that uses your brain and energy, WHILE doing another thing that is a bit mindless.

Examples of passive multitasking:

♡ listen to an educational podcast while grooming your nails.

Jump on a work call as you walk.

♡ Reply to the email while blowing on the Drybar.

♡ I respond to DM and comments on social media as I walk the treadmill (my love).

♡ Listen to the audio book while packing / unpacking.

♡ Call mom or dad while driving to catch up.

My favorite way of passive multiple assignment is to listen to a podcast and LEARN while doing something mindless, like folding laundry, cleaning the house, walking for coffee, and stuff like that. Over the years, I’ve learned so much from podcasts that I think of everyone as my personal mentor.

Okay, let’s get back to why the foot bath is the best fucking place in the world. You will receive 100 responses to the email, 100 DM answered and make a new to-do list for the week. Now, let’s move on to the benefits of a foot spa. Not only are they somehow dark, but no one is talking to you, but rubbing your feet can …

♡ Reduce headaches

♡ increase sex drive

♡ Reduce anxiety

A relaxing way to decompress

♡ can reduce foot swelling

♡ helps with planar fasciitis (my experience with this here )

♡ Helps reduce blood pressure

♡ Relieves PMS

You should know that most people say it is not good to massage if you are under 7 months pregnant. There are pressure points on the foot that can cause labor. During my 9th month I missed rubbing my feet so I walked every second.

Most foot baths also do neck and back massages, but then you can’t shit on the phone, so I only opt for legs and feet. So I hope you like this little work hack, go to the spa and take full advantage. Sure, they might look a bit sketchy, but trust me, they’re amazing. You won’t believe what you can do.

x, lauryn

+ the extent of what happened when I tried bark for the feet.

++ hot tips for make your manicure and pedicure permanent.


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