Vaccine Passports: How Can I Prove I Had Both Covid Stings?


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The government says it wants to lift quarantine for fully vaccinated people returning from amber-listed countries “later in the summer”.

This could mean that those who have had both stings could use vaccination evidence for a wider trip.

What is the situation with travel now?

There are only a few countries that people from the UK can visit without having to quarantine for 10 days upon return. That are green list of countries.

The most popular holiday destinations are on the amber list and the government is currently advising not to travel to them.

The government says it will give more details about plans to lift quarantine for fully vaccinated people in July.

The plan is to start with the residents of Great Britain – although it will still be necessary to take the Covid tests.

How can I prove I had both stings?

This is different from NHS Covid-19 application, which is used to search for contacts. You must be registered with a GP to use the NHS app.

Once registered you can request an NHS Covid Pass. The system will generate a QR code that takes 28 days. You can download a PDF copy or email it to you.

Who can get an NHS Covid Pass?

You can get the NHS Covid Pass two weeks after the second dose of Covid vaccine, as long as both doses are given in England.

Alternatively, you can request a pass if you have had a positive PCR test result in the last six months and if you have completed self-isolation. In this case, the passage lasts 180 days after the results of the rest.

So can people who have had both stings request an NHS Covid Pass letter by calling the number 119. This will not show the test results, but only the vaccination status and has no expiration date.

Currently under the age of 16 cannot get an NHS Covid Pass because children are not currently vaccinated.

Do destinations accept evidence of both vaccines?

Some countries recognize the information in the NHS application or the NHS letter as proof of vaccination status.

For example, in France, fully vaccinated adult travelers from the UK do not have to isolate themselves if they can show any of these (although other documents are required).

For example, from June 30 in Malta, you will have to quarantine for two weeks if you cannot prove that you are fully vaccinated. Discussions are underway on whether Malta will recognize vaccine certificates issued by the UK.

What can people do with both vaccinations in England now?

The Event research program tries in a variety of ways to safely run big events, including concerts, nightclubs and sports equipment.

These events are exempt from broader coronavirus regulations, such as rule six.

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image titleViewers at Wembley had to show evidence of full vaccination or a negative test result from the previous 48 hours

How can you prove your vaccination status in the rest of the UK?

People in Wales they are not yet able to access a digital certificate showing their vaccination status.

  • You have had both doses of the vaccine (and at least five days have passed since the second dose)
  • You need to travel urgently to a country that requires vaccine certification
  • I can neither quarantine nor provide tests that would meet the requirements to enter the country

Can Covid passports become mandatory?

The government has said there will be places where Covid will never need passports – like basic shops, public services and public transport.

He also said there would be exemptions for some people “who are not recommended to be vaccinated and re-testing is difficult”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had previously suggested that pubs like pubs could ask for proof of customer vaccination status after all adults get stabbed.

We hope that all adults will receive the first dose, and all those over the age of 50 – and clinically extremely sensitive – will be offered a second, by July 19th.

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