Virender Sehwag praises KL Rahul’s shot selection in the first test


Virender Sehwag stressed that there is no defined way to return and praised KL Rahul to find your own path.

Rahul played a solid shot of 84 races which helped the Indian team to perform the first inning against England in the drawn first test. The modern opener is credited with choosing his kick for a successful return to the longest game format.

During the discussion about Sony Sports, Virender Sehwag pointed out that he can return defensive or offensive approach while returning and KL Rahul had to choose the one that suits him.

“There are two kinds of thinking, you can go back either in Rahul Dravid style, where you don’t play shot at all and become extremely defensive, or you play aggressively in Sehwaga style. Both are tough, so you have to find your way that works best for you.”

The former Indian opener spoke brilliantly about KL Rahul stating that he worked on his choice of shots. Giving an example Virat Kohli, Sehwag stressed that it is the most important ingredient for success internationally.

“He said a very good thing that the improvement is caused by his choice of shots. Most importantly, if your choice of shots is good, the performance will surely happen. Virat Kohli is so consistent because his choice of shots is very good. He knows what shots he can play. and which does not. It remains so even after the achievement of the century. “

Sehwag added that KL Rahul fired based on the merits of each delivery and was not ultra-aggressive.

“So that’s the line I liked the most in KL Rahul’s interview that he wanted to play too many shots earlier, but in this change his selection was the most impressive. He only played shots if the ball was raised or short, he left or defended good length delivery. “

KL Rahul hit with 84 goals with 214 deliveries and was loaded with 12 goals into the fence.

“KL Rahul will go forward from here, not back” – Virender Sehwag

KL Rahul played some pleasant runs during his shot
KL Rahul played some pleasant runs during his shot

Along with KL Rahul who also said he was working on his trigger trigger, Virender Sehwag expressed the view that the 29-year-old from here will only grow from strength to strength as he seems to have dealt with his problems.

“Sometimes there are little things you need to pay attention to. So your friend or coach who sees you for a long time can tell you better, identifying it as very necessary. He has identified it now and will continue with here, not back.”

KL Rahul only played the first test against England after that Mayank Agarwal declared hors de combat for a blow to the head. The former will hope to continue in the same spirit in the remaining tests and consolidate its place in the Indian team at the top of the standings.


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