Washington state coach Nick Rolovich is facing a decision on a vaccine against COVID-19


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced Wednesday that all school employees in the state must be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Oct. 18 as a condition of employment.

“Individuals who refuse to be vaccinated will be fired,” Inslee said. Only those with “legitimate medical reasons” or “sincerely religious beliefs” will be exempt.

If Washington state football coach Nick Rolovich does not claim any of these reasons, he will have to make a decision: get vaccinated or lose his job.

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Rolovich announced on July 21 that he had not been vaccinated and would therefore not attend the Pac-12 football days of the media — which demanded that those present be vaccinated. He was the only Pac-12 coach to virtually attend the event.

“I have decided not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for reasons that will remain private,” Rolovich wrote. in a statement on Twitter at the time. “Although I have made my decision, I respect that every individual — including our coaches, staff, and student-athletes — can make their decision about the COVID-19 vaccine. I will not comment further on my decision.”

Just a week after his statement on Twitter, Rolovich said this in an interview with Zoom it would follow Washington state policy toward unvaccinated individuals.

“I plan to adhere to all policies implemented for the unvaccinated at the state, local and conference levels,” Rolovich said. “I am not against vaccination and I wholeheartedly support those who decide to get vaccinated.”

It is unclear what Rolovich will do now that Inslee has issued a mandate. The coach has not yet responded to the announcement. He was optional when asked at a press conference on August 9 if he would get the vaccine if Inslee issued the order.

“We do daily testing. We follow all the rules that are in place. I don’t know what exactly they will say, but it’s something that should always be considered,” Rolovich said.

The Washington state athletics department, meanwhile, said in a statement that it would “work to ensure compliance with the Governor’s Declaration mandate.”

“We welcome Governor Inslee’s efforts to protect the health and safety of Washington residents,” the ministry said. by KREM.com. “Washington State Athletics, including staff, coaches, and student-athletes, will continue to follow all campus, local, state, Pac-12, and NCAA health and safety guidelines around COVID-19, and we will work to secure a mandate u The governor’s proclamations are respected. “

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