What a 25-year-old who makes $ 37,000 in New York spends in a week


When it comes to making ends meet as a production assistant in New York, Brittani Cunningham knows how to stretch the dollar.

The 25-year-old earns $ 37,000 a year and tries to keep expenses as low as possible. Fortunately, one of her tasks is that meals are usually served when she works on production assignments, where her responsibilities range from helping cast members on set to handling paper and working hours.

Being able to eat at work allows her to save a ton of money on groceries. “I generally don’t have to pay for any food during the week, which is insanely amazing,” Cunningham told CNBC Make It. “I’m really happy to have that privilege. The only thing I have to pay for food is on the weekends when I’m home.”

Brooklyn-born Cunningham spent a week recording his expenses for CNBC Make It in June 2021. He tries to keep his weekly budget at about $ 200.

To save money, Cunningham likes to save on clothes and buy owned books. She also gave up gym membership during a pandemic in favor of exercising at home and learned how to do nails and hair rather than pay someone to do it to her.

Brittani Cunningham is 25 years old and lives in Brooklyn.

Brittani Cunningham

“Because you’re a brunette, you spend a lot of money on your hair getting braids and products,” she explains. “That’s what I started doing myself so I wouldn’t have to spend money on it.”

By spending money hard and focusing on savings, Cunningham hopes to set himself up for the future. Her goal is to own an apartment and increase other revenue streams to the point that she doesn’t have to rely on revenue from the “volatile” film industry to make ends meet.

“[I want to be] able to one day become a homeowner and build a fortune, and perhaps be his own boss, ”says Cunningham.

As a passing crowd, Cunningham makes and sells candles. She has earned $ 2,000 in the past six months.

But she still allows herself to enjoy her money with occasional fuss. When she learned that Doja Cat was performing on Coney Island on July 4 for the weekend, she couldn’t resist buying a ticket even though it was a little over her weekly budget.

“I have to visit her,” Cunningham says. “I’m a big fan of hers.”

Check out her full view of spending for the week in the video above.

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