What are the advantages of EPDM roofing


The popularity of EPDM roofing is increasingly visible. This rubber foil is therefore the perfect material for the flat roof. Not only with new construction, but certainly also with roof renovation. In many cases, EPDM roofing foil can easily be placed over your existing and worn roof covering. This is just the beginning of all EPDM benefits. Besides the fact that you can buy EPDM roofing of the best quality from any brantford roofing company.

Why choose EPDM over bitumen?

EPDM is an abbreviation for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a synthetic rubber. This rubber is known for its great properties for roofing foil, among other things. It is very strong, has an enormous water resistance and is very flexible. You can use EPDM sheeting, unlike bitumen roofing, also easy and quick to glue fireproof yourself. Another additional advantage is that our EPDM foil has no specific top or bottom. So you cannot be mistaken! Due to its high elasticity, EPDM roofing will not simply tear or break. It is resistant to all different weather influences and has an average temperature range of −35 ° C to +120 ° C. When your roof is fitted with EPDM foil, it requires little maintenance. And also for up to 50 years! One of the great advantages of EPDM is that it is fully recyclable and therefore also environmentally friendly.

Other advantages of EPDM roofing

Apart from the many advantages that EPDM offers as a material, the combination of properties and the installation of an EPDM roof is also advantageous because of its simplicity. It consists of EPDM on a roll in various thicknesses and roll widths. So you are always assured of one large waterproof rubber foil without seams that you can easily and fire-free yourself with our EPDM adhesive . In most cases, you can also lay EPDM over your old roof covering without any problems. This saves you a lot of time, money and unnecessary risks! The installation of roof ventilation or rainwater drainage on EPDM is also excellent.

This is possible thanks to a self-adhesive EPDMsleeve, of which the aluminum pipe with a roof terminal is sometimes already provided, a vent or rainwater drainage can be processed quickly and watertight on your EPDM roof. In addition, there are EPDM strips, which are useful for sealing or repairing windows, sills, seam joints or gutters, for example. Finally, EPDM is suitable for the possible construction of green roofs .

The benefits of EPDM roofing are endless!

The benefits of this material are endless! That is why we have listed the great features for a moment. The EPDM benefits are:

  • It is lightweight and therefore easy to apply yourself;
  • Simple and fireproof gluing;
  • Strong and elastic / flexible material (does not tear or break);
  • Resistant to all (and extreme) influences of weather and temperature (high resistance to ozone and UV radiation);
  • Fireproof and due to coating good resistance to flyfire (LFSR *) from fireworks, stoves and fire pits, for example
  • Unprecedented durability with an average lifespan of 50 years;
  • Recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly;
  • Maintenance-friendly;
  • Available on a roll, consisting of one seamless and waterproof foil (in different widths and thicknesses);
  • Ideal for both new construction and renovation of flat and slightly sloping roofs;
  • Can in most cases be laid over old / worn roof covering;
  • Also handy EPDM strips available;
  • A roof terminal such as ventilation and rainwater drainage can be installed perfectly and quickly on an EPDM roof;
  • Suitable for the possible construction of green roofs.

Does EPDM foil also have disadvantages?

The disadvantages of an EPDM roof covering are almost negligible. Especially compared to all those advantages of EPDM, this single drawback can hardly be called a disadvantage: the material cannot tolerate chlorine. It may therefore be a less good choice near swimming pools. But even then, because in most cases you have a significant difference in height between the roof and the pool, you can opt for an EPDM roof covering. EPDM foil may be more expensive per square meter than bitumen, for example, but the fact is that given all the benefits in the long term, you will undoubtedly also be better off in your wallet!

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