What Is A Water Slide? And Basic Guide For Beginners


Let’s start with what a water slide is. If you search on google for water slides, you will see all kinds of water slides. You will see water slides for swimming pools, and water slides that you (without a swimming pool) can simply place in the garden. We will talk about these later slides in this article.

A water slide is playground equipment that one can slide off. The difference with a standard drop is that you can let water flow over the water slide. It makes sliding extra fun for many children and provides water fun. A slide is also sometimes seen as a ‘belly slide.’ Usually, this does not include a slide as playground equipment, but you should see this more as a mat over which you can slide your belly.

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Why a water slide?

Why should you buy a water slide? A water slide is playground equipment that is mainly used on warm days in the summer months. It gives a lot of fun for children, and it provides cooling.

Some people who would like a water slide decide not to purchase this slide because they think it takes up a lot of space when the water slide is not used. It is not entirely true. Most slides consist of separate parts, and if you have an inflatable slide, it hardly takes up any space.

There are also slides that you can use as a ‘normal’ slide all year round. Thanks to a water connection, you can add water to this. You can use these slides with or without water.

What should you consider when buying a water slide?

If you are planning to buy a water slide, there are some wishes/requirements that you can take into account in advance. By thinking about this in advance, you reduce the chance that you will regret your purchase afterward. To make a good choice, we explain some of your wishes/requirements below.


Water slides usually consist of plastic. Most of his slides are made of hard plastic. The advantage of these slides is that they can also be used without water. Thanks to a water connection, you can connect water to this. These slides can remain in the garden all year round.

If you only want a water slide in your garden during the summer months, you may want a water slide that takes up little space when you store it. An inflatable water slide may be the solution.


You have water slides in all sizes. There are soft and small slides that are mainly suitable for small children. For slightly more of a challenge for older children, a higher slide or a water park is correct. Before you buy a water slide, it is good to take a look at the dimensions. It would be a shame the water slide turns out to be too small. You can also always look at the sliding length and the maximum loadable weight.

Flat surface

If you plan to buy a water slide, first consider where you want to place it in your garden. There are quite a few prerequisites for installing a water slide.

For example, the water slide must be on a flat surface. Otherwise, it is more likely that it will tip over when used. Also, it is essential to have a surface that does not contain sensitive parts such as gravel and stones. There’s an excellent probability a water slide air will flow. Moreover, this surface is less pleasant for playing children. The ideal surface is a soft surface, for example, on grass.

What does a water slide cost?

The price of a water slide is between 30 and 450 euros. The price depends on the type of water slide. Most belly slide jobs are cheaper to buy. The hard plastic water slides are slightly more expensive. The more giant the slide, the more expensive the price you pay for the slide.

If you want to enjoy a (water) slide for several years and want it to be used all year round, it is advisable to purchase a good quality slide.

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