What to do for Cabo: Extras


What to do for Cabo: Extras


You know I couldn’t let you hang out with just that outfits. I had to get a super microphone on the accessories I brought.

The world is reopening and maybe there is a holiday in your near future? In this post, we will discuss the best things to take on vacation. Consider: a vibrator, multi-purpose face oil, the sweetest jewelry and the best sunglasses.

In addition, we are entering into some of my mandatory Cabo vacation supplements that work for almost any destination.

What to do for Cabo: Extras

Cabo accessories:


These scrunchies are just perfect. They are worth every penny. I have one inside pink & one in lilac, look so cute on your wrist, hair or baby hair. I put one of these Zaza’s hair in a top knot and it was the sweetest.

For fun, you could pair it with the appropriate one Hunza G swimsuit. The colors and wrinkled material are too good.

♡ antique hat

This vintage gucci hat is from @lesbijouxvintage. She came to me on Instagram, and YOU GUYS, she has the best vintage pieces. Go her Instagram to spy on her and see what it’s all about.

This face kept me away from the sun and I wore it almost the entire trip. You may have seen me mentally with my face on vacation, ah, completely pink face mask. It’s just right for the launch of my book, Get the Fuck Out Of the Sun, that I have a cute vintage hat and full on a balaclava. It is so extra, but so necessary if you want your face to be away from the sun.

What to do for Cabo: ExtrasWhat to do for Cabo: Extras

♡ Classic sunglasses

As I mentioned in Cabo outfit out post, I wore this Electric women’s sunglasses Crasher all the time. Matte black Quay After Hours and they are favorites, but I found them to be polarized so I became obsessed.

They are black, classic, flatter the face, protect the eyes and I will probably have them forever. Thanks to my friend Tori for giving them to me at Erica’s bachelorette party. I never look back.

Ice roller

LOVE PEOPLE VERY CONFIDENTIAL VERY UNPLEASANT completely saved my ass. Each. Single. Dan.

Even Michael used it. I took him to the living room when we relaxed (I watched Siesta Key ) and stayed cold for so long. When I needed to cool it down a bit more, I tossed it in the ice bucket of our wine for a few minutes. LOL. You have to do what you have to do.

This is such a great holiday addition, as salty foods, warmer temperatures and alcohol are the perfect recipe for a puffy, bloated face. The HOT MESS ice roller will cool you down, cut your face off and get rid of puffiness and bloating.

Cabo accessories to take away Basic information about vacation 2021

♡ Avène thermal spring water

This is so important for a hot vacation. A Skinny confidential a reader named Nadia actually brought this to us when we had lunch. She said everyone swears by it. This spring water mist is so refreshing.

It is soothing, soothing and good for people with sensitive skin. It also provides antioxidant protection. Win win.

Oo Woo vibrator

Woo vibrator is the best I’ve ever owned. The best part when you take this one with you is the suitcase. It is discreet, elegant and looks so nice sitting on a nightstand. And not only that, the real vibrator is pink-white-white and specially designed for the female body.

And to make things super spicy, take them with you coconut oil lubricant. Sex is only better with lubrication. Woo coconut oil lubricant tastes like vanilla cake, has no nasty ingredients, maintains the pH and balance of you and your partner, is made from all organic ingredients, is hydrating and non-sticky. You can also use it as a massage oil. Meow.

You can also use the HIMANDHER code for a 20% discount. Well, while you’re at it, pick up a little freshies also.

Skinny confidential ice roller holiday skin care woo vibrator Get the book out of the sun

♡ Sweet jewelry

Here, lately I’ve put together some of my favorite jewelry brands. They were all so perfect for the holidays, and I love them for everyday wear as well.

+ @electricpicks – Love Love Love Necklaces

+ @thesiskiss – she wore one of the necklaces with BOSS on it.

+ @setandstones – There are some sweetest things

+ @erinfaderjewelry – obsessed with cuffs and this pendant necklace in gold of a woman’s body (her tits are happy – LOL)

♡ face oil

Skinny confidential ICE QUEEN face oil was the main thing on this trip. I used it to remove makeup (I can’t make makeup wipes – they pull my face down) and it’s so good for removing mascara.

ICE QUEEN oil was also amazing to use after the sun (not that I’m much into it) because it is filled with so many vitamins and antioxidants: pomegranate oil, blueberry seeds and raspberries.

All in all, this oil made me feel like my skin was regenerating with the necessary nutrients after I was on the plane, was a little exposed to the sun, used a different water to wash my face and I was just in a different climate.

♡ Cute, classic purse

I was gifted by my friend Anna this bag and it’s amazing. The investment is safe, but it pays off. It is Chanel and it is timeless.

It’s solid, it has my favorite Butter for lips on a summer Friday, blue The case of Bottega Veneta ID, & a A shot of bee propolis (literally liquid Adderall guys – use SKINNY for 15% off your order Beekeeping natures).

Basics of beach holidays

♡ satin scarf

I found this great affordable head scarf & I got it in lilac and calendula. The reason I love lilac lately is that it really heals sclera and teeth.

Anyway, I would recommend getting both. These scarves are so beautiful and feel good on the skin as well.

♡ Fun nail polish

I used it for my hands and feet DND Pinkie Promise gel polish. It was fun because it was neon pink and matched with almost any outfit.

It’s always nice to add a little extra color when you go on vacation, especially when it’s somewhere like Cabo. nail polish DND – pull it.

♡ Portable charger

This charger is for me to drive or die. It’s small, sleek and lasts so long, and the devices charge quickly.

It has a USB port, USB cable, mini USB cable and can be charged directly into a wall outlet. I never go anywhere without this. Now that I have Zaza, it’s so ideal for her when I need to relax with some Disney movies – The king of lions has been a favorite lately.

♡ A good book

Get out of the sun was with me every second. People, this book is full of skin secrets of top influencers, celebrities and famous doctors. You go for dog clothes and emphasize all that.

It’s perfect for the holidays because it’s cheeky, fun, aesthetically pleasing, and you can open it on any page and learn hot tips from people who know what they’re talking about. It’s almost like an easy “read on the beach,” but you’ll learn so much too.

If you want to know more about my new book launched TODAY (EEK!), Then you can read all about it here. And if you have already pre-booked, THANK YOU!

beach accessories a dog on a floral leash jewelry for beach holidays chewing gum for lips

Bag Elemis bag

A few months ago, I collaborated with Elemis. This whole skin care kit contained all my favorite Elemis products:

+ pro-collagen rose cleansing balm

+ procollagen ugly face mist

+ pro-collagenous face oil

+ cute, TSC stickers and mirror

The the whole set is still available here, but my point is that the bag is SO USEFUL. It contained my ice roller, Zaza snacks with apples, lip balm, perfume – everything I needed.

Cute Boone’s sweet string

This is such a moment. This leash is over Frenchie. It’s a small business, owned by a friend of Bridgette’s and she’s crushing it.

These leashes are the best because they are designed taking into account the comfort of your dog, and you can also buy them harnesses so as not to strangle your dog’s trachea. Zaza loves to hold it, and flowers are my favorite design.

Here, all the utensils I brought to Cabo.

Be sure to check out the Cabo clothing on which we share the most comfortable passenger / arrival dress and the most laudable swimsuits.

Oh, & if you’re going on a plane with a baby, check out this post. I’m not an expert, but I’d like to share some things that suit us.

x, lauryn

+ how micro manages bartender for a skinny margarita.

++ range of all HOT MESS ICE ROLLER details here.


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