What’s The Real Cost To Buy Bounce House Rentals


In the long run, buying your own bounce house rather than renting one will save you money. This article will provide you with all pricing information.

A bouncy house is a terrific option for a birthday party or simply to encourage your youngster to spend more time outside. Because they allow for bouncing, sliding, and climbing, inflatable playgrounds are always a success with kids and their friends.

They’re also a lot safer than jumping on a trampoline. In the backyard, an inflatable bounce house will provide hours of entertainment. It also allows your child to acquire more activity.

Is it Expensive to Rent a Commercial Bounce House?

What is the price of a bounce house? Is it pricey to own one? Is the cost of repairs high? What hidden costs are there for a bounce house owner to deal with? Is a commercial-grade bounce house necessary, or will a consumer-grade bounce house suffice?

If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve thought about most, if not all, of these issues. It’s not just a matter of “how much does a bounce house cost” to you; you can easily surf our website and locate costs. You’re curious about the price of a bounce house. You’d also like to know how much it will cost after you’ve placed your order.

  • Commercial bounce houses are pricey, but they are well worth the money.
  • These aren’t frills; they’re investments
  • If you run a rental company, they pay for themselves relatively rapidly.
  • Consumer inflatables cannot and should not be used as bounce house rentals. People will be injured!

So, how much does a bounce house set you back?

On average, a business bounce house costs between $1,000 and $3,000. Commercial-grade inflatables can be considerably more expensive. A bounce house slide combo, for example, will cost slightly more than a conventional bounce house; the most expensive bounce house slide combos will cost between $1500 and $3500.

Inflatable slip and slides are around the same price as a bounce house, ranging from $1000 to $3000. A four-thousand-dollar inflatable water slide is not uncommon. An inflatable obstacle course can cost as much as a new automobile, ranging from roughly $2500 to $20,000 or more. Of course, those larger obstacle courses are over 220 feet long, which is why they are so expensive.

What extras should be included in the bounce house price?

You also don’t want to just throw a commercial-grade bounce house on the grass. To keep the bounce house from becoming too dirty, lay down a sheet on the ground first (we’ve got suggestions on how to clean a bounce house and an inflatable water slide on a budget, too!). Having a few tarps on hand might cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000, depending on how many you need and which sizes you choose.

You’ll also need to purchase some inflatable repair tools and equipment in case of an emergency. You’ll also need a Speedy Stitcher, liquid cement, vinyl repair kits, and vinyl patch kits, which will set you back another several hundred dollars. These are, nonetheless, vital expenses, as your firm will rely on these inflatables being in good functioning order at all times.

Then there’s the matter of physically transporting your bounce house from one location to another. A huge, heavy, and cumbersome inflatable bounce house. They’re not only heavy, but they’re also tough and cumbersome to transport. If you’re dealing with many inflatables and have colleagues or family members assisting you, you’ll want to invest in at least one hand truck or moving dolly, or several dollies and hand trucks.

Final Words,

Whether you’re buying a normal Bounce House Rentals in Burleson, TX, an inflatable water slide, a bounce house, and slide combo, or an inflatable obstacle course, you’ll want to figure out the entire cost as accurately as possible before deciding if the product is good for you and your inflatable rental business.

Commercial-grade inflatables are significant investments that should not be taken lightly. Your inflatable bounce houses can give hours of entertainment for your consumers, but you’ll want to think about it carefully and decide which solutions will yield the best long-term profit in your area.

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