When should face oil be applied?


Maybe you already knew I LOVE OILS.


A hydrated face means a dewy, plump face and I am all in that. I am known to go to bed looking like a wet rat, covered in oil from head to toe.

NOW WAIT … don’t let the words FACE OIL scare you. Oils get a bad reputation. People think that if you use oil on your face, you will immediately get a million pimples with a shiny forehead. That is not the case.

In fact, oily skin overproduces oil because it is dry. This is where acne and pimples appear. Replenishing your skin with natural, healthy oils balances and makes your skin HEALTHIER and oh radiant.

Since we love oil, BIPPITY BOPPITY BOO, here is a post on how to use it and all the benefits.


Over the years, I have been able to really pick the brains of TONA dermatologists and experts in the world of skin care. Imagine: Kate Somerville, Dr. Dennis Gross (6000 times – LOL), Dr. Kay Durairaj,, Tiffany Masterson,, Dr. Harold Lancer and much more. Note: they are all presented in FUCK YOU FROM THE SUN share all their insider tips.

So all these experts I’ve talked to say oil should always be applied last. What you want to do is apply your products from the thinnest to the thickest on your face. If you use the oil first, all your serums and drinks will not be properly absorbed into the skin. It makes sense, doesn’t it? BUT, if you use oil on your face during the day, you want to apply SPF over it. So oil, then sunscreen (you should know I love Elta MD lately).

Also, while talking about “layering”, I’m a big fan of tapping the product on the face instead of rubbing. This really helps in the ‘stratification’ aspect. Just one of the tips I got FUCK YOU FROM THE SUN.

We’ll get into all the ways you can use oils, but you have to know that I won’t even think about fucking applying makeup without first applying oil to my face. It makes your makeup lie so well and your skin so shiny.

You may have seen on Instagram Stories that I like to put oil on a beautyBlender (make sure it’s wet) and then I use it CC cream IT Cosmetics over the top. In fact, I have a beautyBlender specifically for skin care products and another for makeup.

Let’s move on to more ways you can use oils on your skin. Drumroll plz.


♡ To remove makeup / double clean:

I love double cleaning. If you are unfamiliar with double cleansing, this is when you use oil or balm ( Elemis cleansing balm with collagen is a ride-or-die and that’s why it’s in TSC x Elemis set ) and massage into face. Then take a baby towel (more on that here ) & gently wipe off all makeup and impurities. THEN use the usual cleanser to wash off the residue and continue with your skin care routine.

If you haven’t tried double cleaning, you have to. Get ready to watch your makeup LITERALLY melt.

♡ For humidification:

Applying the oil gives the skin hydration. I like to consider it a replacement for your skin’s natural oils.

♡ For facial massage:

There is nothing a source of youthful vibrations from a facial massage with good oil. There are many ways to massage the face: gua sha, vibrating tools, hands, and even use SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL WORTH FOR HOT MESS ICE massaging your face while helping lymphatic drainage.

♡ When you get a face:

Most facialists start and end the face with oil. If they don’t, just ask for it!

After rolling on ice:

Always wait to apply your products and face oil AFTER rolling the ice.

♡ About your baby:

When it comes to Zaza, I love using it K’Pure Sweet Babe Bath Oil after her bath. We massage her legs, feet and hands – she loves it. Sometimes I will massage her face if she lets me. It is small and far between & Baby Shark MUST be included.

Rub it on the cuticles:

This is great for moisturizing dry cuticles. When I get a manicure or shellac, I don’t like the feeling of oil after that, but a little while ago I feel really good and my manicure always looks better.

We also asked @mimievarts in what ways he uses oil, because like us, he LOVES oil. Her favorite ways to use them are:

+ mix them with the foundation

+ mix with toner on a cotton pad

+ remove the remnants of eye makeup

WARM TIP: If you are on your way to getting a tan in a spray, be careful not to wear oil or product on your face or body. There are more tips for spraying here.

Finding the right face oil for your skin type:

♡ Aging and inflammation:


A quality, cooling face oil full of antioxidants that penetrates quickly to hydrate, firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin soft and supple.

It is rich in vitamin C because it contains pomegranate seed oil, raspberry seed oil and blueberry seed oil. In addition, it is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and has no synthetic odor.

FACE OIL AND QUEEN ICE LOVER AND VALUABLE VALUABLE MEAT PEOPLE were created to fight inflammation. If you are dealing with inflammation – LED ICE ICE ICE. This is my # 1 beauty tip for fighting inflammation, removing redness, soothing reactive skin and making you look contoured and FULL.

How to use: after cleansing the face (Are you talking about baby rags?) apply 3 to 5 drops of oil on your hands. Rub your hands and press the oil into the skin. Use your own in the morning HOT MESS LINE ROLLER to make it easier for your skin to absorb into your face.

Vo Dry:

Luxury face oil from drunken elephant Marula

This oil has omega 6 and 9 (which has healthy fatty acids !!) and is so good if you have dry, flaky skin. It is also great if you have an uneven texture and are fighting the signs of aging.

How to use: apply a few drops to your hands and tap on your face or anywhere dry.

Note: if you want more from Tiffany Masterson, founder of Drunk Elephant, be sure to listen her podcast episode and report it FUCK YOU FROM THE SUN.

Oily / acne prone:

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster

This is a good oil for everyone, but especially if you have oily skin. Reviews for this one say that it is super light and absorbs very quickly, which is ideal if you already feel greasy.

As I said before, oily skin is usually oily because your skin is too dry and produces too much oil.

How to use: apply to the whole face after cleansing or apply to the target areas. You can also mix a few drops into your foundation.

♡ Sensitive:

Dry oats and hemp oil first aid Beauty Ultra Repair

This oil is amazing for sensitive skin prone to redness and dryness. But you should know that it can be used by any skin type. It contains cannabis sativa seed oil and colloidal oatmeal to help hydrate and soothe reactive, sensitive skin.

Our editor Hilary LOVES these things and heard them for the first time Jackie Schimmel of The Bitch Bible. He says it literally reduces redness and irritation overnight.

How to use: after cleansing, apply a few drops on your palms and press it on your face. You can also add this to your moisturizer and / or use it on your body, hair or nails. So versatile !!

Here it is. Tons of different ways to use face oils and some of our team’s favorite oils you can try.

If you love skin, be sure to grab it FUCK YOU FROM THE SUN. You will learn so many tips from the world’s best skin care gurus. Think about it: everything you need to know about Botox and fillers, cosmetic superfoods and favorite products of skin care connoisseurs.

I would like to know your opinion about oils? Tell me everything.

x, lauryn

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