Which causes a swollen face and puffy eyes


which causes a swollen face and puffy eyes due to poor confidentiality

Hello, hello, cabo.

We are staying in the most beautiful hotel, The one and only Palmilla. We had ours there wedding and it’s just our favorite place to relax and recharge.

Okay, air travel, heat, sun, salty foods (love chips and guac) … that brings me to today’s post. Swelling.

She’s a real bitch. Trust me, I’ve been doing this half my adult life.

But if you follow the blog, you already know that. A few years ago I had double 16 hours jaw surgery and it swelled me for 3 years. In fact, I still have the remaining islands. It’s not a fucking joke.

There is nothing worse than bloating and for about 3 years I had an identity crisis. When I looked in the mirror, I just didn’t look like myself. When I talked to people, I would stand as far away as possible without being clumsy and whenever I walked, I felt the fluid in my face literally bounce.

Today I want to reveal to you a bunch of secrets I’ve learned over the years as Puffy McPufferson.

These are all the tips and tricks I discovered in the years after double jaw surgery that have helped me SO MUCH. They made all the difference. But first, let’s get into what can cause a swollen face and puffy eyes.


♡ allergic reaction

♡ food allergies

B beetle bites

♡ operation

Wrong wrong sleep on face

♡ pink eye

Menstrual period

♡ extra estrogen

B sunburn

♡ There is not enough exercise

♡ dermatitis

♡ or maybe you just drank too much and got late night In & Out burgers – we were all there.


♡ cryotherapy

You love cryotherapy. It’s like the ultimate anti-inflammatory function, which means it greatly reduces your facial swelling. Long-term cryotherapy can help your skin tighten, increase your collagen, improve your energy, mood, sleep speed and healing.

So, not only will it help your skin look grasped, but it also moves your blood, which means it helps your muscles, flexibility and pain levels if you have muscle pain or something more serious like fibromyalgia.

If you want to learn more about cryotherapy, especially if you have health conditions, be sure to check out this post with a cryotherapy specialist Matthew Bergman.

Ro rolling on ice

Where to start with this at all. After jaw surgery and researching (also trying) everything I could to remove the exhaust and drain the excess fluid, I bought a cheap ice roller from Amazon. It was good. That made a difference. But there was so much that could have been better. There was so much I wanted to change on the shitty little Amazon ice roller that broke. And I did. It took three years, but it finally arrived.

As you may already know LOVE PEOPLE VERY CONFIDENTIAL VERY UNPLEASANT launched last month, & lemme tell you – if you want an ice roller that keeps you cool, this is it.

It stays cold for so long, because it is made of aluminum. It’s also cheeky, pink, firm and comes with a thumbprint so you can apply pressure where you need it. Okay, okay, so why use an ice roller then? Let me pull out my scroll …

+ WHERE I EVEN BEGIN. First, it instantly reduces swelling and redness (think how an ice pack can reduce swelling and bruising! YES PLZ).

+ Increases circulation, because fortunately we bring blood to the surface of the skin, which completely restores the glow and stimulates the optimal work of cells.

+ Helps reduce pore size, for a softer skin look – so you like to use it before you put on makeup, okay?

+ Helps with lymphatic drainage through a combination of facial massage and ice therapy – SO BYE-BYE WINE FACE. * We will talk about lymphatic drainage in min.


(NOTE: when removing the ice roller from the freezer, roll it on your wrist 8 times to make sure your face is not too cold. Also, never wet the ice roller before putting it in the freezer – you don’t want a dry ice situation, so NO water is needed To clean it, just use lukewarm water on a washcloth.You can always use the roller at a regular temperature – you will still have lymphatic benefits if it is not cold which is FUN)

Anytime and anywhere – morning or evening. If you want it to freeze like me, add it to the freezer. If you want it to be cold, add it to the fridge.

MORNING: I LOVE to use mine as soon as I wake up because I feel like I’m getting an espresso on my face. I’m kidding, I’m kidding, but it’s a really nice awakening. Another hot tip: roll up the ice before applying makeup. It will tighten your skin before applying suntan cream, foundation, CC creametc.

NIGHT: use at the end of a night skin care routine to lock serums and moisturizer ingredients into the pores. OH and use with your ICE QUEEN FACE OIL… Because oil has cooling properties. We created it to be used together. Ying & yang if you will.

Rolling ice is the QUEEN of dealing with a swollen face and swollen eyes.

Facial massage

Facial massage is one of the best tips for removing puffiness, because you can do it yourself at home, for free. Or you can use a number of tools to help you. You can use your hands as well vibrator (yes, like the one intended for your vagina), an expensive facial massage device if that’s your thing, and thirsty roller or other gua sha tools we will get to.

Facial massage feels damn good, plus:

+ helps iron wrinkles

+ improves circulation

+ is amazing for lymphatic drainage

+ reduces inflammation (no, but similar, LARGE TIME)

♡ Lymphatic drainage massage

So. Let’s take a short lesson in anatomy:

“Our lymphatic system is a network of organs, nodes, channels and vessels that transport lymph – a fluid that contains white blood cells, proteins and fats – from your tissues into your bloodstream. Lymph nodes are structures that produce immune cells to fight infection and filter lymph fluid to remove bacteria and cancer cells. Our lymphatic system is a crucial line of protection against infection. { way }

During a lymphatic drainage massage, a massage therapist stretches your skin to “allow for congestion, deposits, and debris flowing from the body,” Carey says. Technically, your lymph nodes are your body’s biological filtration system, so they do it naturally. But it is believed that by manually pressing on the areas around your lymph nodes you can somehow speed up the process or give the lymph nodes a leg.

So basically, lymphatic drainage is exactly what it sounds like – draining excess fluid from the face. To do this successfully, be sure to go up and down and down your neck while doing a facial massage, gua sha or ice rolling.

Lymphatic drainage is so important when it comes to removing facial skin, but you can also get a lymphatic drainage massage for the whole body.

The first one I had was in Hong Kong and I will tell you that it was amazing. It was like bursting this balloon in me that completely emptied all the excess bloating in my body. After I peed, I coughed, I was thirsty, but most importantly I felt amazing. Also, I woke up without puffy eyes – after a long flight, that is quite rare. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Lymphatic drainage also improves the entire vascular system and flushes out toxins under the arms, legs, pelvic area and neck. AHHH, I LOVE DETOXIFICATION.

Okay, so if you explicitly want lymphatic drainage of your face, then you need to pinpoint the person doing your massage. You sent so much DM on where and how to get the best lymphatic drainage, so I wrote the whole post about what I am specifically looking for.

vibrator facial massage inflammation beauty skinny confidential how to prevent wrinkles by skinny confidential

♡ gua sha

Gua sha tool that I keep coming back to Golden secrets. That’s my favorite. Gua sha is a form of facial massage and if you are just starting out, be sure to check out mine YouTube guide.

When gua sha you always want to go over the face and then down the neck to really empty the face and remove it. Oh, and before you start gua sha, you’ll want to use a thin layer of oil so your tool glides nicely across your skin. My favorite oils are LEATHER CONFIDENTIAL OIL FACE OIL,, oil rod,, grape oil & jojoba oil.

In addition to all the above benefits of facial massage, gua sha also:

+ is a natural, alternative therapy

+ can be done on any area of ​​the body

+ helps with headaches

+ It is SO good for neck pain

♡ Sleep slightly upright

This was so important when I was recovering from jaw surgery. Arrange the pillows so that your head is slightly above the rest of your body will really reduce your swollen face and swollen eyes when you wake up.

I can’t recommend this enough.

Jumping on a trampoline

Okay, this is not a joke. I bought mini trampoline and I would jump on him to help me squeeze my face. It worked!

Refusing a gentle bounce for 10 minutes a day can help you open your lymphatic system for faster drainage, which means faster water removal.

I would even add a little extra bounce to my step when I went out for a walk.

♡ led led led

There is always good old ice. If you’ve never heard of Kate Moss and Sonye Morgan’s face ice treatment Real housewives from New York, let me fill you out.

Fill the bowl with ice cubes and water, tie your hair and nail your face for 5-10 seconds, 3 times.

Seriously, this is one of the supermodel’s best secrets. It will blow your face away right away.

Other things I do to avoid swelling are to eat and drink diuretics. A diuretic is something that makes you urinate and can help rid your body of sodium. { way }

Things like: coffee, hibiscus tea, watermelon, celery, garlic, teas like peppermint and rooibos. (You should know that tons of teas like diuretics Pique tea currently * use SKINNY code for 5% discount *).

If you are prone to a swollen face, try drinking a glass of water for every cocktail you have and avoid salty foods. When I have one fucking meager olive, I explode like Violet Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

Before we get started, you should know that the whole reason I created the beauty line is micromanagement of inflammation. They all created creams, serums and SPFs for skin problems, but no one dealt with the basic fluff we were given at all. An ice roller is really your best friend when it comes to facial removal.

If you have any other recommendations for removing a swollen face or swollen eyes, please share. I am open to anything and everything.

Until next time.

With love from Caba,

x, lauryn

+ handle my book if you deal with skin tips and tricks.



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