Why everyone is talking about the epic U.S. final against Mexico


You may have watched Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather. That’s cool.

But if you spent Sunday night glued to the U.S. and Mexico finals for the League of Nations trophy, you’ll never forget it. The U.S. men’s national team prevailed with 3-2 in overtime thanks to a goal by a penalty kick by Christian Pulisic and a penalty retention by reserve keeper Ethan Horvath in the final moments at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver.

If you haven’t caught it, you’ll feel really bad for missing it. At the match, the fans said the following things:

USMNT manager Gregg Berhalter called it a “complete mess.” But it was a wonderful mess. It was wild. It was emotional. It was unpredictable. It brought the best and the worst of the people. You couldn’t take your eyes off him. These are the moments we will remember from a truly epic game.

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Hit after 62 seconds

We probably all needed to realize that it was going to be crazy in Denver when we saw Mexico achieve traffic for almost a minute in the game.

Two extensions

No kidding. If someone had told you in that 2nd minute that the game would have two penalty kicks for each team deep in overtime, you just wouldn’t believe them. Here are the most important parts of both PKs:

And let’s be honest, the penalty for overtime deserves an exaggerated referee signal:

The reserve goalkeeper is a hero from the bench

Just like the Hollywood script. In addition, let him save a penalty kick to avoid going into a shootout. And also make sure the goalkeeper is from the same state she was playing in so we can have this moment scored:

And did we mention that he saved a penalty kick in overtime compensation?

Emotion in the stands

Father’s Day came two weeks earlier in Denver. Horvath’s moment with his father was preceded by another proud father who became all emotional. American legend Claudio Reyna watching his son Gio Reyna score his first American goal in a match that mattered:

The fans threw things on the field

The younger Reyna was also involved in the scariest moment of the night. He had to undergo treatment on the field after being hit by a projectile in celebration of the overtime goal.

And then on the other side of the field, the fans threw more debris on the field. And this time the Mexican Henry Martin was hit.

Field invasion

Fans were not particularly pleased with the stadium today. The match was stopped for a moment when several fans ran onto the field:

Suspension of the match due to homophobic chanting

Organizers are collaborating with the use of homophobic chanting by a segment of Mexican national team fans. Just as the match was entering overtime, the match was briefly interrupted.

Choking retention incident

Mexico veteran midfielder Hector Herrera should have been ruled out … twice. The referee turned to the opposite side of the offense for a foul that should have resulted in his second yellow. And then the judge saw the assistant upstairs in the booth miss this:

Someone is excluded

It was Mexican manager Tata Martino, of all people. Usually a benevolent coach concluded that it was good to hug the referee … when the referee was monitoring the American criminal incident on the monitor! You can’t invent these things.

Coach and player collide

U.S. manager Gregg Berhalter received a verbal warning from the referee for leaving the box and running into a Mexican player.

Berhalter, who was named on the show for wearing Travis Scott’s 6s, had a total hectic night on the sidelines:

Pulisic with the winner

The star was formed when it was most important. But before that he was the worst player on the field for the US. He wore a captain’s armband at night, but was mostly invisible.

When his team needed him the most, he had his feet to perform one of his weaves in the narrow spaces and pulled the contact in the box. He then stepped up to bury the penalty. The best PK performance you will ever see.

This is a week that Christian Pulisic will not soon forget:

McKennie The Man

The best player on the U.S. field was Weston McKennie. He ran for two players and was a force in the attack on a set of pieces. His goal (and Harry Potter celebration) limited his stellar performance, winning him the League of Nations MVP.

He was a confident, emotional leader that the American team should always be:

Photo of the night

So the question is where will Pulisic hang this in his house? A lair to read, perhaps? This is a picture (taken by Cristian De Marchena) by which fans will remember the night.

Set invader

Unfortunately, he was also the striker of the CBS studio set:

A rush to a set in which Clint Dempsey is in hunting gear can never be a good decision:

So again, Dempsey may have been too busy baking fellow studio hosts to deal with the attacker who was set up:

Ribs got a little carried away on the CBS set, and Onyewu apologized for it on the air:

Well, it was pretty substantial. Anyone who watched the match felt what JJ Watt was tweeting.

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