Women’s Six Nations: The new format is set for single use


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Coronavirus and maintenance difficulties for most amateur players have resulted in a new place in the calendar and format for 2021
Dates: 3-24. April
Coverage: All games involving domestic nations are shown on BBC iPlayer, the website and Red Button with all Wales matches shown on BBC Cymro Wales and the final match of England broadcast on BBC2.

The new format of the Women’s Six Nations will probably only be in 2021, the organizers confirmed.

It is usually a tournament with six teams.

“There have been exceptional circumstances this year,” said the executive director of six nations, Ben Morel.

“We are very happy to have a stand-alone window and that may continue in the future.”

“But I think the DNA of the Six Nations is a round line in which each team plays against each other with the Grand Slam at the end.”

Pool A Pool B
England France
Italy Ireland
Scotland Wales

With the start of the tournament starting on Saturday, Morel said the six-nation committee will treat every appearance of Covid within the team’s bubbles “on a case-by-case basis”.

“We will do our best … and the first goal would be to reprogram,” he said.

Promises of professionalism and ‘cruel’ training

Morel spoke at the presentation of the Women’s Six Nations, which was also attended by the captains of all six teams

Wales will travel to France on Saturday night for the opening in Pool B.

Welsh skipper Siwan Lillicrap said her team “hopes” that the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) will “stay true to its word” on its promises last summer that the Welsh women’s team will become a professional at some point in the future.

The Bristol player said WRU bosses had not set any targets to hit women.

Scottish captain Rachel Malcolm spoke about how “mentally difficult” the last year has been for her team.

Her comments come after Scotland, Italy and Ireland were reorganized and canceled for the World Cup on several occasions.

April 3 England v Scotland
France v. Wales
April 10 Italy v. England
Wales v. Ireland
April 17 Ireland v. France
Scotland v. Italy
April 24 Final day

Meanwhile, Ireland captain Ciara Griffin is not worried about the lack of rugby her team has had since the start of the pandemic, describing their internal training matches as “cruel”.

She deserved “over 20 training camps” organized by the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) to prepare the match.

Griffin said she also has no plans to move to England and play more regularly in the Premier League in the 15s, saying she is “happy” in Ireland.

England captain Sarah Hunter has confirmed she suffered a neural hand injury as she played for her club Loughborough Lightning.

New for 2021

For the first time, all matches can be watched live by fans without excessive starting times, and Morel added: “It also doesn’t overlap with men, so the whole stand-alone window is a fantastic opportunity.”

Launching online was also a stand-alone event, separate from men for the first time.

Fans in the UK will be able to watch all the homegrown matches via the BBC on iPlayer, Red Button alongside the final match of England which is broadcast on BBC2.

Fans will also be able to play “Fantasy Rugby for Six Nations Women” for the first time.

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