WTF is a cold dive?


Today on the blog we have the master of cold immersion, Ryan Duey.

In this post we will talk about why the cold QUEEN & Ryan will give us all the juices about the benefits of cold immersion.

If you’ve heard of HOT MESS ice roller I created by then you already know that I am obsessed with anything cold – a huge fan Wim Hof’s breath,, cryotherapy and icy cold showers.

The cold is your best friend. Helps with inflammation, circulation and energy levels.

After reading this post, you will fall in love with the cold, just like me and Ryan. She loves giving it so much Skinny confidential pool $ 150 to purchase when using SKINNYPLUNGE at

He sent me Cold dive & I can’t wait to keep trying and let you know how it is. It is so chic and looks good in any home, regardless of your style. It’s not an ugly eyeglass, you know?

In addition, we salute Ryan, the company’s founder Cold dive.

What are your backgrounds and how did you get into the cold fall?

Ryan Duey: My career was based on bringing health and wellness services and products to market. Prior to Plunge, I founded a floating therapy company located in the Sacramento region of Northern California. I was introduced to cold diving and use Wim Hof ​​method when I had a number of persistent illnesses in 2017.

Through the integration of both practices my immune system was strengthened and I was hooked. Rewind a few years in advance & Plunge started from the mission of my co-founder Mike Garrett and me to create a beautiful, functional cold drop at a price that was more affordable than the one that was already out there.

What are the benefits of cold diving?

RD: The benefits of cold diving are huge. Here are a few benefits:

+ Accelerate muscle recovery and injury

+ Reduction of inflammation

+ Support a healthy immune system

+ Improving lymphatic circulation

+ Increased red blood cell count and growth hormone levels

+ Improving levels of endurance and recovery

+ Increased cardiovascular health

+ Improving sleep and reducing stress

+ more benefits are revealed

When is it best to use The Cold Plunge?

RD: Any time! It really depends on the person and the goals. Personally, I like the first morning after the sauna to start the day and get a burst of energy and vitality. Cooling and coffee are a powerful blend.

Because you know I care about the cold and the ice (aka HOT ICE ROLLER ), tell us what the cold can do for our mood?

RD: Regular exposure to cold has been shown to release endorphins, help blood flow and increase norepinephrine levels (up to 5x!). All three help you in a good mood. Plus, you’ve just done something hard and overcome your fear, which helps us believe we can do other hard things too!

How can you use the Wim Hof ​​method with a cold dive?

RD: The Wim Hof ​​method is a great way to prepare your body for pre-dipping or warming up your body after immersion. It is important to note that in no case should we do the Wim Hof ​​method while in Cold dive.

When is it a good idea to use heat, like a sauna? Before or after a cold dive?

RD: I prefer to use heat. This way you go away with the tension of feeling after immersion. If you have the time, doing contrast in circles (cycling back and forth multiple times) can feel great on the body. However, it makes your body tired.

What’s the perfect morning routine when The Cold Plunge is on?

RD: Oh man, there are so many ways to create the perfect morning routine. At the moment, the perfect morning routine for me is meditation in the sauna, followed by immersion and then warming up the body by working on the breath or jumping on the mini trampoline 🙂

Who are some famous cold dive fanatics?

RD: Wim Hof, Tony Hawk, Rich Roll, Rose Namajunas, Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece, Tony Robbins, Aubrey Marcus, Lauryn Bosstick.

What is the installation process? I know it’s simple because I have it, but please describe the process to the audience.

RD: Installation is a very easy process. First a delivery team for two arrives at your house to place it in your desired location, without lifting the load (it will even climb 3 steps) and remove all your packaging from the house. Once it is placed where you want it, you have about 10 minutes to set it up. These steps include 1) filling the immersion with water 2) connecting the cooling device with 2 turns on the covers 3) and turning it on. Depending on the model (St & ard or Plunge), it is only a few hours away from swimming. Our standard model lowers the temp. 2-3 degrees per hour, and our Pro model is reduced to 10 degrees per hour. We are proud to say that the unit is truly Plug-n-Plunge!

Do you think the Cold Flood will gain even more momentum in the years to come?

RD: Yes, absolutely. More and more people are beginning to see the benefits that in turn lead to more studies and research on what the common cold does to us. The momentum seems to be just beginning!

How can The Cold Plunge help with swelling and inflammation? Give us all the details.

RD: Cold water can lower the temperature of damaged tissue and constrict blood vessels. This helps reduce swelling and inflammation, while at the same time dulling the nerve endings for instant pain relief. So, a simple shower with a cold shower after a workout will help relieve muscle pain and inflammation.

Where can people find out more about Plunge? Get under it! (include social and health services, etc.)

RD: You can find us online at,, @ the.coldplunge & YouTube.

Be sure to follow Ryan @ the.coldplunge for a little fun, fame and challenges. Also remember to use the SKINNYPLUNGE code for $ 150 your order!!

Well, I set off because of the cold soaking freeze. Brrrr. Happy fall.

x, lauryn

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