YouTube vs. TikTok live scores update, results, highlights of Battle of the Platforms boxing match


Just a week after Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul got into a fight, there’s another boxing spectacle among us.

Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall is the title of an event called “Battle on the Platforms”. As you might expect from the title, the two fighting platforms will be YouTube and TikTok. The stars from each social media platform will box to determine which platform has better fighters.

LiveXLive, which hosts this fight, says it has over 1 billion combined followers on social media from each fighter combined. It will certainly be an interesting event, especially following what the Paul brothers started.

These fights are amateur fights with fighters boxing 16-ounce gloves, and the fights will be fast with five rounds of two minutes.

Sports news is followed by news of live fights and the most important parts with YouTube vs. TickTok Boxing event on Saturday night. Follow below for complete results from Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms.

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YouTube vs. TikTok live battle updates, highlights

22:53: And the fight is officially underway.

22:50: Michael Buffer is here to introduce the fighters.

22:46: Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall do their ring ring walks. The main event will start in a few minutes.

22:20: The main event between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall follows. But before the start of the main event, there will be a musical performance by Lil Baby.

AnEsonGib v. Tayler Holder: Majority tie

Well this was a controversial ending. So controversial that “ROBBED” started moving in trend on Twitter right after the fight.

Many thought AnEsonGib had won this fight when he came out swinging and didn’t stop. His cardio was amazing as he was able to constantly throw punches throughout all five rounds. Tayler Holder looked strong in the fight, but wasn’t aggressive enough in these short two-minute rounds. After the broadcast, the three judges scored 49-46, 49-46 and 50-46.

The statistics from the fight also seem to show AnEsonGib winning. He struck a total of 47 blows, 38 of which were considered strong blows. Holder dropped 21 shots with 16 powerful shots.

Even the referee looked shocked by the result.

“I know in my heart that I won,” AnEsonGib said after the fight. “I was the most dominant and I respect Tayler, but I beat you. These aren’t even my fans and cheerleaders. So I know I won. I was robbed tonight. I worked very hard for this day and I know in my heart that I won.”

22:15: As aired on the show, Tayler Holder is currently “dominating”. He will need a knockout in the 5th round to win this thing. We’ll get the numbers later, but AnEsonGib got so many more punches in this fight than Holder.

22:12: Another round in which AnEsonGib was the aggressor. So far it seems like he has won all three rounds and he only has two rounds left. Tayler Holder will have to really round things up in these last two rounds to eventually win this one.

22:09: Tayler Holder looks like a more traditional boxer, but AnEsonGib was much more aggressive, albeit unusual. For now, AnEsonGib seems to be winning just because he was much more aggressive.

22:06: The first round is over. AnEsonGib managed to deal a strong blow to the body, but nothing too much to take away from this one.

22:00: The main event prepares for the launch of AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder in the ring. The show mentioned that Holder actually trained with Canel Alvarez in sparring sessions. With Gibb’s boxing history against the strong training of Jake Paul and Holder, this fight should be fun.

21:45: There are two fights left, the biggest two nights. AnEsonGib looks set to bounce back from its defeat against Jake Paul in a fight against TikTok’s Tayler Holder. But first, there is the musical performance of Migos.

Vinnie Hacker def. Deji

Round 3 started wildly while Deji initially fell out of nowhere. It wasn’t long before Vinnie Hacker managed to extort an eight. Deji came back, but only for a moment when Hacker began to dominate before the referee called a fight. The hacker wins via TKO 44 seconds in the 3rd round. Interestingly, Deji delivered more punches (22) than Hacker (20), but in the end there was a clear winner.

TikTok finally arrives at its first night win. YouTube still leads overall, 4-1.

21:33: Vinnie Hacker looked great in the 2nd round. So far this has been a night fight. Both fighters are able to hit each other. Most of the fights so far have been one-sided, but this one feels pretty even through two rounds.

21:30: Round 1 was complete and Deji came out strong. He attacked a lot and had a few punches. Although Deji was the aggressor, Vinnie Hacker was able to inflict several of his own blows in the first round.

21:24: Deji and Vinnie Hacker did their ring ring walks. This fight will begin in a few minutes.

21:10: There are three fights left, and the next are Deji and Vinnie Hacker.

DDG def Nate Wyatt

Kudos to Nate Wyatt for being able to go the distance. He struck several blows early and had clear bruises on his face after this fight. But at the end of the day, DDG was the clear winner here, winning by unanimous decision. The final statistic clearly showed the story of the tape here as DDG dropped 40 strokes (35 strong strokes) compared to Wyatt’s 8 strokes. YouTube boxers are now on the rise with 4: 0.

In his post-fight interview, DDG said, “I left the comic club last night, I didn’t even train for this fight.” He also said that he is “one-on-one” with his boxing career.

21:02: We are now entering the fifth and final round. DDG was a better fighter, but has so far failed to get a knockout. But if this fight ends, expect DDG to be declared the winner.

20:58: So much for my previous prediction. The third round had a lot of hugs because both boxers were getting tired.

20:55: Two rounds are over and DDG looks like a stronger boxer. Don’t be surprised if this thing ends up in the 3rd round. It is also worth noting that the rain arrived at this outdoor event.

20:50: DDG against Nate Wyatt has officially started. Again, there is no headgear in this duel.

20:45: So far, this event has had a great pace. DDG and Nate Wyatt are now making their rings, so the event will start in minutes.

20:42: DDG with one of the best quotes the night before his fight against Nate Wyatt: “I’m only here to make money while beating someone’s ass.”

20:30: Three fights, four to the end. The next fight will be DDG against Nate Wyatt, but Mulatto’s musical performance follows first.

FaZe Jarvis def. Michael Le

WOW! We got our first real knockout tonight as FaZe Jarvis dealt a terrible blow to Michael Leo early in the 2nd round. Jarvis looked amazing and we wouldn’t be surprised if he participated in more of these events in the future. In fact, Jarvis said in his post-fight interview that he would “100%” continue his boxing career.

This was another one-sided fight as Jarvis inflicted 24 blows (20 blows of force) on Le’s 5 blows. YouTube leads 3-0.

20:25: The fight has officially begun. Headgear is off for this fight. It was quite the beginning as both boxers score big punches. Although Jarvis looks like a stronger fighter in the 1st round, against Leo he got two consecutive numbers.

20:20: FaZe Jarvis and Michael Le are now doing their ring ring walks. This fight should start soon.

20:15: Tanner Fox had been on the show earlier and said the commission had stopped his fight, but Ryland Storms had a different story. He called Fox a “little b …” for not being able to lift pounds and said the commission would have allowed the fight if he had given up his weight. It’s a shame this fight isn’t happening because these two now have some beef.

08:00: The first two fights are over. And as we mentioned, Tanner Fox’s fight against Ryland Storms is over. So FaZe Jarvis against Michael Le should be the next fight. But first there seems to be a DJ Khaled performance.

Landon McBroom def. Ben Azelart

As we expected, it didn’t take long for Landon McBroom to eventually win this fight. He absolutely dominated in this match against Ben Azelart, and the referee stopped the fight for 30 seconds in the 2nd round, attributing a knockout to him. After the broadcast, McBroom dealt 28 hits to Azelart’s 3. YouTube rose 2-0 in the Battle Platform.

19:53: This fight started a WILD START. Landon McBroom is obviously a better boxer in this fight. It is only a matter of time before he wins.

19:48: Landon McBroom and Ben Azelart have made their ring ring walks, so this fight should start in a few minutes.

19:45: Tanner Fox just spoke live and said his fight against Ryland Storms is no longer happening.

19:40: A second night fight ensues: Landon McBroom against Ben Azelart. But first, a musical performance by Trippie Redd.

Ryan Johnston def. Cale Saurage

What a wild way to launch this event. The referee stopped the fight in the fifth round when Ryan Johnston started really attacking Cale Saurage, so Johnston is credited with winning by knockout. The statistics of the end of the fight showed that Johnston threw a total of 45 blows in relation to Saurage’s 15, and 34 of them were considered power blows. Youtube got an early win over TikTok.

19:33: Both fighters just came out SWING in the fourth round. Ryan Johnston’s nose is bleeding heavily, but he was a better fighter. For now, it looks like Cale Saurage won the first two rounds and Johnston the 3rd and 4th rounds. The fifth round will be crucial.

19:30: The fight begins to turn. Cale Saurage looks like he’s running out of fuel, while Ryan Johnston is still standing strong. The third round has just ended.

19:28: As the speakers noticed, Ryan Johnston looks like a more sleek fighter, but Cale Saurage deals more effective punches. Although Johnston managed to receive a few punches, Saurage delivered larger punches.

19:25: The first round is over. There were a few initial punches, but then things settled down because both fighters didn’t throw that much. A television show’s boxing expert says he gave the first round to Cale Saurage.

19:22: And the first fight officially began. Cale Saurage came out early swinging with a few good hits.

19:20: There was a delay in starting the fight because Cale Saurage had problems with the head covering.

19:10: And the event began. Cale Saurage and Ryan Johnston are now investing.

YouTube versus TikTok boxing start time

  • Start time: 19:00 ET / 16:00 PT

How to watch YouTube against TikTok fights

  • PPV: LiveXLive
  • Live Streaming: LiveXLive
  • PPV price: $ 49.99

You will be able to broadcast the YouTube boxing event against TikTok live via a service called LiveXLive. From their own description, LiveXLive is a streaming service that “allows you to listen to your favorite music and watch live streaming performances.” However, since it is a PPV event, it is not available as a live stream. But the first two fights under the cards they are available for streaming for free.

LiveXLive is available for streaming on almost all Internet-connected devices. LiveXLive has mobile apps and tablets on iOS and Android. It also has apps on smart TVs like Apple TV, Roku, Samsung, SMART TV and Google Chromecast.

YouTube vs. TikTik battle map

YouTube TikTok
Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall
AnEsonGib vs. Tayler Holder
Deji vs. Vinnie Hacker
DDG vs. Nate Wyatt
Jarvis phases vs. Michael le
Tanner Fox vs. Ryland Storms
Landon McBroom vs. Ben Azelart
Ryan Johnston vs. Cale Saurage

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