How To Drink Famous Tequila Brands


If you’re in search of a premium tequila, you’ll want to test the brands produced by Casa Dragones. Casa Dragones’ tequila is premium and comes in hand-signed bottles. Its smooth, semi-sweet agave taste has a hint of pepper throughout the finish. Its Tequila Blanco silver is one of the most smooth available. Its taste is similar to grapefruit, green apple, almond.

There are a variety of tequila. Each has its own distinct flavor and aroma. Many brands of tequila are made from blue agave plants which are cultivated in the Jalisco region of Mexico. The agave sap is fermented using wild yeasts and then distillated to create an uncolored, clear liquid. Once distilled, tequila is aged in oak barrels to give it a distinct flavor and aroma.

Tequila is produced by distilling the juices from the agave plant using copper pot stills. The fermentation process includes champagne yeast to improve sugar conversion. Once fermentation is completed the agave juices can be double-distilled using Alembic copperpot stills. After this the agave juices will be packaged and placed on the market.

Patron is a premium brand that has revolutionized the spirits industry. Their products are well-known for their smoothness and quality. Patron Silver tequila is a classic. Patron Silver tequila is 40% ABV and is smooth and crystal clear with a fruity aroma and a peppery finish. Cocktail lovers love it because of its Tequila.

Although tequila generally is less strong than other liquors. However, certain brands are more potent. Tapatio Blanco is 50% alcohol, El Luchador 55% alcohol and Dulce Vida 40% alcohol. Most of the products are 80 proof, but the purest brands have up to 192 proof. The alcohol content in vodka and tequila are the reason for the pain.

You should choose Widest Range of Famous Quality Tequila Brands. The liquor has complex flavors and smoky tones by maturing it. A good tequila will add surprising flavor to dishes.

They’re not only expensive however, they also provide an entire experience. They have a long history of producing tequila, and their tequila is enjoyed throughout the buying process. The bottles are made by hand and individually painted, making them look and feel beautiful.

The mid-1700s were the actual date for the oldest Tequila brand. It was developed by General Manuel Gonzalez’s great-grandfather. His father was the first to import premium tequila into the United States. He was an avid drinker and an early advocate for Mexican independence. Since then, tequila has been synonymous with Mexican knowledge.

If you want to drink the top tequila brands, you can look at Don Julio 1942. It has a stellar track record and is made with the finest ingredients. It is aged for two years in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. While it’s not the most expensive however, it is among the most highly-rated brands available.

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