Leveling Concrete What You Need To Know


Concrete leveling is a procedure that corrects uneven concrete surfaces. Concrete leveling is a technique that solves the issues caused by a sinking slab without the need to replace the concrete. It is a routine procedure used in private homes, small businesses warehouses, airports and factories. Concrete and uneven footings can also be caused by seismic activity. If these issues cannot be solved by other methods concrete leveling could be the best option for you.

Self-leveling concrete is a cement-based material that sets up and is able to harden in two to six hours. It can be used as an underlayment to cover flooring however it is not a suitable option for heavy-duty manufacturing environments. This cement-based concrete compound is stronger than concrete, but it flows more quickly and sets faster than regular concrete. This cement-based product is best suited to floors that are frequented or have a large area of surface.

If you require a professional leveling service for a commercial structure or a residential property, you need to determine the amount you’ll need to lift your slab. Some companies apply the same material to multiple surfaces which can increase the overall cost. A skilled professional will have a “toolbox” which contains several different materials. A professional can spot concrete issues with leveling and recommend the right material. If you aren’t sure about this process, consult with an expert and then hire a reputable company.

Concrete Leveling Contractors Westlake is more than lifting the slab. It also involves replacing the entire slab. Concrete leveling is the process of replacing the entire slab in the event that the slab isn’t supported by a solid foundation. Slabjacking however, targets the root cause and fixes the issue at the source. A slabjacking repair done by a professional won’t leave a visible scratch and is more durable than a new slab. The repair will last as long as the original slab.

Concrete leveling is typically less expensive than replacing the concrete slab. A new slab could cost between 50 percent to 70 percent more than a job to level it. A 400-square-foot concrete slab for instance, will cost you about $2,000 if the demolition is not required. And with all the expenses for labor it’s likely that the process will be much faster, too.

A self-leveling professional can not only solve the issue but also prevent it from ever repeating itself. The company will provide an estimate for free and an on-site inspection to help you make an informed choice. A concrete leveling company will be able determine the issue and provide the most effective solution. Concrete leveling has many benefits. Contact a concrete leveling company today to get a free estimate and ask any questions!

Self-leveling concrete is a cementitious mix that is pumped or poured into an area that is not prepared and can be used to level uneven interior surfaces. This method is cost-effective and is quick and simple to use. It is essential to mix the concrete properly and evenly as it will set in as little as 15 minutes. It’s almost impossible to correct mistakes once concrete has hardened. If you don’t adhere to these guidelines self-leveling concrete won’t work.

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